You're Going to Need $105k to Buy the Greatest BMW 2002 Ever Built

It’s time to search every couch cushion in America, and knock off a few thousand 7-11s; the greatest BMW 2002 project ever completed is up for sale on eBay right now for the totally reasonable price of $104,990. It’s worth every penny.

In 2007, Paul Cain, a long time vintage BMW enthusiast, completed the BMW 2002 project to end all BMW 2002 projects. Starting with a 1972 2002, he and his brother, Joe, meticulously poured over every inch of the car to build the ultimate, modern BMW 2002.

The final result is a twin-turbocharged, M54 6-cylinder, 5-speed beast with a nearly perfect 51/49 weight distribution. That balance was achieved, in part, by modifying a transmission to move it rearward, placing it just ahead of the differential.


The detail work in this car is really what makes it worth raiding your retirement fund and plunking the balance down on the nearest roulette table. It’s not some hack-job engine swap; every inch of this car has seen thoughtful and meticulous modification. The result is the manifestation of every 2002 owners’ daydreams, but probably better.

It’s been rebadged as a “3002tti-L.” which essentially translates to “3-liter, 2-door, twin-turbo-injected-lightweight.”


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